​Swimming Pool Leak Detection 

Considered cost effective electric pool heating ?

High efficiency, With a COP value up to 5.0 our heat pumps are very efficient when transferring heat from the air to the swimming pool water. You can save as much as 80% of cost compared to an electrical heater. Long life-span.
The heat exchanger is made of PVC & Titanium tube, which can withstand and prolong exposure to swimming pool water.
Easy control and operation. Simply switch it on and set the desired pool water temperature.
The system includes a micro-computer controller, allowing all operation parameters to be set. Operation status can be displayed on the controller with LCD display



Hi Guys,
Power bills are rising and we need to manage our electricity consumption.

Its time to throw out your old pump that chews up 25 to 40% of your household power and install a new total variable speed pool pump. Not a 3 speed power saver pump but a pump that can be set to how you want it while saving big $$$$$$$$$$$ on your electricity bill. 

​$1650.00 CALL NOW SAVE $150.00


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